In 2016 the Hillsboro School Board voted to prevent a clinic in Century High School from distributing contraceptives, a 4-3 vote that broke down on gender lines. The men opposed contraception, the women supported it. In May of 2017 three of those men lose their seats in an election, only for another to step down in December. And now, in 2018, the school board has unanimously reversed course, allowing that clinic to provide contraceptives. Here’s what that change in policy looks like, per the packet (page 86): As you can see language specifically added to ban contraception was removed, replaced with language that instructs clinics to follow Oregon law. The change isn’t exactly surprising: the members who supported the ban lost[…]

The Hillsboro School Board will look drastically different in July, with four new members elected on May 16. Janeen Sollman is stepping down to focus on her responsibilities as a state representative. Erika Lopez, the second  Latina ever elected to the Hillsboro School Board, will take her place. Vice Chair Glenn Miller was defeated by political newcomer Mark Watson. Monte Akers was defeated by Martin Granum, who currently serves on the Bond Advisory committee. Erik Seligman is also stepping down. His position will be filled by Jaci Spross. All four newly elected school board members were endorsed by the Washington County Democrats and Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon. You can read the school district’s press release here.

The Hillsboro Signal has compiled voter’s guides for the May 16 Hillsboro School Board elections. Remember to turn your ballot in on time! Position 1: Jennifer Brandse, April Davis, Erika Lopez Position 2: Glenn Miller, Mark Watson Position 3: Monte Akers, Martin Granum Position 6: Kevin Currin-Smith, Alexander Flores, Brian Lyles, Jaci Spross   Related Links: Washington County Voters’ Pamphlet  

  Issue Flores Lyles Spross Funding Supports the bond; would like to see how the the school district can be run more efficiently. Would have preferred a higher bond; sees a future operating levy as essential. Supports the bond and a future levy; working with Janeen Sollman on additional funding from the state Technology in Schools Balance technology and teaching Use technology to increase teacher capacity Provide access to prepare students for college & career Contraceptives at school-based health clinics Undecided; wants more community input Undecided; wants more community input Supports providing contraceptives in school-based health clinics Increasing the Graduation Rate Student Mentors Academic Coaching for student athletes; focus on attendance Extracurricular activities; AVID; parental engagement   A fourth candidate,[…]

Voter’s Guide: Hillsboro School Board Position 2   Issue Miller Watson School Funding Supports the bond, lobbying the State, potential future levy Supports the bond, lobbying the state, potential future levy Climate Change Not an ‘ideologue’, address both sides Science, not ‘hokum’ Contraceptives in school-based health clinics Voted No Supports contraceptives with parental notification If revisited, would vote yes On School Funding Mark Watson supports the proposed facilities bond.  For the operating budget, he said, “securing more stable funding in Salem is key.”  Says if a levy were proposed, it should be in addition to stable funding from the state, “to make us more competitive with our neighbors.” He wants to see poll numbers before deciding whether or not it[…]

  Issue Brandse Davis Lopez Funding Supports proposed bond Would support  an operating levy Supports proposed bond Hopes to avoid an operating levy Supports proposed bond Planning to ask for operating levy Contraceptives at school-based health clinics Would revisit, vote yes Would have voted no Supports contraceptives with parental notification Would revisit, vote yes Strategies for Increasing the Graduation Rate Respond to needs of individual students Focus on parental involvement and at-risk students Dual Credit & Internship Programs Replicate the success of CHICAs program   On School Funding Jennifer Brandse thinks the community needs more education around the funding needs of our school district. As a member of the school board, she said she would also “explain to people in Salem[…]

Quick Guide: Hillsboro School Board Position 3 Issue Monte Akers Martin Granum Budget & Funding Supports pursuing additional funding through the proposed bond, future levy, and lobbying the state. Thinks the school district budget could be more efficient Supports pursuing additional funding through the proposed bond, future levy, and lobbying the state. Thinks the school district budget is very efficient. Contraceptives at school-based health clinics Voted No Supports contraceptives with parental notification Would revisit, vote yes Supports equitable access to healthcare for male and female students. Strategies for increasing graduation rate Accountability: Goal of increasing the graduation rate by 1% each year is tied to the Superintendent’s evaluation and the district’s Strategic plan. Emphasis on the Quality Education Model, particularly[…]

There are eleven candidates running for four positions on the Hillsboro School Board, but after the April 6 candidate forum hosted by 350pdx did not make it easier to differentiate between their positions.  The ten candidates present (Jennifer Brandse did not attend) appeared collegial and largely agreed with one another during the panel.  At one moment, Monte Akers (incumbent) raised a yellow “agree” sign while his opponent, Martin Granum, was speaking. Few questions brought sharply different answers from candidates. They’re all concerned about the projected budget shortfall next year. They spoke in favor of a proposed bond and of partnering with businesses and non-profit organizations in the community.  They all mentioned protecting classrooms and students from any cuts they need[…]

The March 14  Hillsboro School board meeting was standing room only.  In addition to the blue Hilhi shirts worn in support of Adam Reese, which have become standard at recent meetings, a group of students and families from the Brookwood Elementary School STEAM club were present to present their windmill projects.  Another group of students and parents were present to represent the Chicas Youth Development Program. Public comment was again dominated by students and parents speaking on behalf of former Hilhi football and wrestling coach Adam Reese.  They asserted that the issue is now a Level 3 grievance and would be coming before the school board.  Members of the school board reiterated that they do not hire or fire coaches[…]