Newly elected Hillsboro School Board members Mark Watson, Erika Lopez, Martin Granum, and Jaci Spross.

The Hillsboro School Board will look drastically different in July, with four new members elected on May 16.

Janeen Sollman is stepping down to focus on her responsibilities as a state representative. Erika Lopez, the second  Latina ever elected to the Hillsboro School Board, will take her place.

Vice Chair Glenn Miller was defeated by political newcomer Mark Watson.

Monte Akers was defeated by Martin Granum, who currently serves on the Bond Advisory committee.

Erik Seligman is also stepping down. His position will be filled by Jaci Spross.

All four newly elected school board members were endorsed by the Washington County Democrats and Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon.

You can read the school district’s press release here.