Hillsboro 2035 is the city’s 20 year vision, proposed in 2015 and updated every five years. The city wants ideas from residents about what the update should look like, you can take the survey right here.

Here’s the vision statement:

In 2035, Hillsboro is a diverse, sustainable city known for success in blending urban lifestyle, a world-class local economy, agricultural heritage and a welcoming, family-friendly community for an outstanding quality of life.

The question: what does that look like? The city is asking for your grandest ideas. Need a little inspiration to spark your creativity? Here’s a few things my wife and I contributed.

  • Make it easier to get around without a car. More bike lanes and dedicated bike paths. Better, more frequent transit routes around the city (as opposed to transit that primarily takes you away from the city).
  • The east side of the city needs a full service post office.
  • More mixed use development! Combine housing, parks, and commercial space to build more walkable communities like Orenco.
  • Encourage people to develop less wasteful habits by making sure garbage disposal costs more than recycling or composting.
  • Keep building out municipal fiber internet service so we can all ditch Comcast forever.

These are just a few ideas we had, you can suggest anything you want! Here’s the survey link again, get to it.

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