In 2016 the Hillsboro School Board voted to prevent a clinic in Century High School from distributing contraceptives, a 4-3 vote that broke down on gender lines. The men opposed contraception, the women supported it.

In May of 2017 three of those men lose their seats in an election, only for another to step down in December.¬†And now, in 2018, the school board has unanimously reversed course, allowing that clinic to provide contraceptives. Here’s what that change in policy looks like, per the packet (page 86):

As you can see language specifically added to ban contraception was removed, replaced with language that instructs clinics to follow Oregon law.

The change isn’t exactly surprising: the members who supported the ban lost an election where contraceptives were a key talking point on both sides. Two failed candidates from that election are now running for state senate, but that’s another issue entirely.

What matters here is health. The Hillsboro Tribune published an editorial agreeing with the change:

The issue has taken on a political overtone in Hillsboro, with progressives and conservatives taking sides on what should be a matter of public health.

The editorial continues:

The choice here is clear: Allow Virginia Garcia’s doctors and nurses to do their job, so students can get can get back to focusing on more important matters, like being a successful student.

Here’s hoping, with this issue out of the way, the school board can put more attention into the boring, everyday issues that will improve education here in Hillsboro.

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