Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) plans to add 125,230 square feet to their Hillsboro campus in the next 10 years, potentially employing 190 additional people.

You know that big empty field next to John Olson Avenue near the Quatama MAX station? Behind the trees there lies OHSU’s Hillsboro campus, which houses the Oregon National Primate Research Center—where medical research is done on around 4,000 monkeys. The campus is also home to OHSU’s Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute, alongside a few administrative and technical support offices. Employees and guests enter the campus, which is fenced off, by a gated entrance at NE Holly Street.

Hillsboro’s city council approved the first reading of an ordinance approving the planned expansion. Second reading of the ordinance will take place during the August 21 meeting.

The proposed expansion, which includes renovations of existing buildings and some new construction, will support 190 additional employees, according to a report to  city council. The campus currently employs 523 humans (in addition to the monkeys.)

Here’s what the expansion will look like, according to the city council packet:

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