The City of Hillsboro now provides free Wi-Fi in the downtown area.

The new system, announced at last night’s city council meeting, is called “HiHillsboro WiFi.” That name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it’s free Wi-Fi so who cares?

City Manager Michael Brown presented the effort as a way to help revitalize downtown. The range is fairly extensive, as you can see below:

The network can handle 2,500 simultaneous users by the Civic Center Plaza and 500 in other spots, according to city officials.┬áThere’s one big catch: coverage isn’t 24/7. Wi-Fi is only offered between 6am and 9pm, daily.

Shute Park will get coverage by next summer, according to city officials. Hopefully more areas will be added as the city rolls out municipal fiber in the coming years.

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