City Council voted to buy 1,800 streetlights, currently owned by PGE, at a cost of $1,476,721.30 during its May 15 meeting.

The purchase is an early step in a $9 million plan to convert Hillsboro’s street lights to LEDs, which will also see the city install asset management nodes—computerized ¬†systems that will make tracking outages easier.

Here’s Tina Bailey, Transportation Division Manager, writing in a memo to city council:

The conversion will result in significantly reduced energy consumption. It will also result in reduced maintenance needs for the system allowing Public Works to easily assume maintenance responsibilities.

In a May 2017 work group Bailey said the conversion will save the city $500,000 a year in energy and maintenance costs while cutting lighting energy usage by 70 per cent.

Funding for the purchase will come from “a combination of Gain Share and Transportation Funds,” according to the memo sent to city council.

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