Your regional headlines to start the week off:

  • Someone stole a street cleaner outside a Hillsboro WinCo over the weekend, and tried to make a break for it. No, seriously: police deployed spikes to stop the thing. Hillsboro Police Department
  • Mayor Steve Calloway talked to Oregon Public Radio after last week’s sanctuary city vote. Here’s the audio; it’s worth a listen:

  • Or listen in Spanish, if you prefer:

  • Oregon’s two biggest colleges could see double-digit tuition increases. Andrew Theen/Oregonian
  • Ballots could become free to mail, as Oregon legislators contemplate buying postage in bulk. Ballots currently require a stamp, though in recent elections the US Postal Service delivered unstamped ballots and charged the state retroactively. Gordon Friedman/Oregonian
  • Here’s a fascinating map showing the population density of the metro area. Hillsboro has some patches similar to downtown Portland. via r/Portland