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How to find out whether you actually live in Hillsboro

Not sure whether you live in Hillsboro, but afraid to ask your neighbors? Don’t worry, we won’t judge you.

Boundaries are a little confusing in Washington County, especially close to Beaverton. MetroMap is perfect if you want to figure where, exactly, the boundaries are. This site, provided by the Metro government, lets you enable all kinds of “layers” of information.

Open the site, then click the “Layers” tab and make sure “City Boundaries” is selected. Like this:

Now you can zoom in on where you live and find out whether you actually live in Hillsboro or not.

You can turn on multiple layers at once, too. For example, here are the area school districts layers over the city boundaries; as you can see, school districts are much bigger than cities here.

There’s a lot of interesting information here, including the Urban and Rural Reserves, zoning, floodplains, and even hiking trails. Dig in and let us know if you find anything interesting, won’t you?

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